Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Peruvian? I Think Not...

Date: Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 2:36 PM

Dear Familia,

This week is going to be a little short, but according to Hermana Barrios, the best things come in small packages...probably because she is about 5´1´´:D! I realized as I was thinking about it that I am the tallest of all of my companions...and I am only 5´6´´. I love feeling tall!!!

We got completely soaked...several times. It is Spring here and so every other moment it decides it wants to rain. We laugh because every day we look outside and decide that it is not going to rain...because the skies are blue...and there aren´t any clouds...and it is hot...Then starting at midday the clouds roll in and we get soaked!!! I personally have been enjoying it because I love the greenery!!! It is sooooo green here. I also have loved walking through Delta El Tigre every night because there are a million frogs and they all make a million different sounds. Delta is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and I feel privileged to be here :D!

Funny stories of the week...
-I got stuck traveling through Montevideo for two hours in a car with a bunch of wasn´t really funny...mostly uncomfortable. I think I am going to have problems being alone after the mission. I kept looking around for my companion... It was pretty funny to see the Elders sitting on each others lap, because there were 7 people in a 5 person car!!

-Someone asked me if I was from Peru...I just laughed!

-I lost the keys to our house...and unfortunately figured it out at 9 pm, in front of our apartment, in the cold and rain (I think Hermana Barrios must be the most patient companion! She didn´t even get mad!)  Luckily our Branch President came to our rescue!!!  (I later found the keys in the church building...whew!)

This week went by too fast!!! This week was a little miraculous!!! We found a man named Josemaria this last Monday and we ended up having several lessons with him and inviting him to an activity, which he came to!!! Then he came to church on Sunday!!! He is awesome and we are praying hard that he keeps progressing!!! It is a little hard because he is actually a pastor of an Evangelical church and as he has repeatedly told us, he has to escape his pastor to visit with us. He is progressing and we are excited to be able to invite him to conference this next week! I know that this conference is going to be amazing!!! I am praying that we can bring someone to see it!! I want to invite all of you to bring one friend to this upcoming conference.  If they come, it will change their lives and they will have a chance to listen to the words of a true and living prophet!!! I know this church is true and that we are headed by a true prophet today, President Monson!!

I love you all lots and hope that you have a great week!

Hermana McMurray

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