Tuesday, July 22, 2014

¡Uruguay is the Bomb Diggity!

Dear Familia,

It has been another great week in the life of a sister missionary in Uruguay. A couple of fun facts for you: Uruguay won the very first world cup ever that was played in Brasil in 1930; when it rains hard here, the school children don´t have to go to school, they get excused absences!

Favorite stories of the week:

-This last Sunday we brought a less active sister to church. So we were sitting in one of the classes and the teacher asked her if she could read a part, to which she quickly answered ¨No, I don´t know how to read.¨ The teacher was embarrassed and quickly asked Hermana Dixon to read...I just laughed because she always reads during our lessons with her...I guess she didn´t want to read! :D

-We went to Mercedes this P Day and we were playing every man for himself dodge ball...I tried to dodge the ball and managed to do a pretty spectacular fall...I only got a little bruised...(it was probably my pride more than anything, since there were a ton of missionaries watching)!

-I always get a good laugh at some of the slips of Hermana Dixon´s spanish. This week she tried to ask someone if they had been sick and accidentally asked them if they were mental...hahahah!

That was all of my fun stories! It has also been a very interesting week in terms of missionary work! I had to do divisions this last week and made a trip to Dolores and so I left Hermana Dixon on two different days, alone in our area! She really is amazing! She didn´t miss a beat and took responsibility for everything! I feel very blessed to have such a great companion!

The most incredible thing this week was our attendance! We had 102 people in the chapel! I feel like our ward is starting to grow and to be one! All the members are so loving and always help one another! The only hard part is that we have not been able to help our investigators come to church. Hermana Dixon and I have really been praying and wracking our brains to find ways to help our investigators progress and be able to have the full blessings of the gospel. I know that missionary work isn´t easy, but I can honestly say that as we faithfully do our part and sincerly pray, God always helps us! I felt the blessings of a supportive ward and a supportive companion and I know that things will work out! We are now teaching a young couple named Mauricio and Myra and another man named Evaristo. They are all starting to progress little by little and I would love it if you would all pray for them too! I love you all lots! Keep having great missionary experiences and write and tell me about them!

I will be writing on Tuesday next week, because we have changes...

Hermana McMurray

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