Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Where in the world is Hermana McMurray...?

Date: Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 11:46 AM

Dear Familia,

Firstly I want to give a shout out to my favorite brother in law who had a birthday this last week!!! Happy Birthday Aus!

Secondly, about changes this last week.....I am going to (drum roll please), Cerro North!! I am going to be with Hermana Barrios who is from Santa Cruz, Argentina, but was born in Formosa (part of Ryan's mission in Resistencia) and we will be opening an area. So the shout out definently goes to Mom who guessed the correct zone and almost the correct country (Hermana Barrios actually lives in the border with Chile)! Sorry Dad, Nigeria was just a little bit off!

So I officially have had another strange week...(You think I would be used to it, because I am pretty sure I say that every week, but it is still a surprise)! We started out last week normal, they told us that we weren´t going to change until Sunday after the Fireside. Then on Monday night they called me and told me that I actually would be leaving, and I might come back for the Fireside. So I was pretty sad Tuesday and I spent most of the day packing and saying goodbye to
people. It was super hard to say goodbye to Hermana Dixon and to all of the members, who have become like my family!

Wednesday morning I headed out to out to meet Hermana Barrios. I also forgot a small detail, Hermana Barrios is on her fourth change in the mission and she came form Rivera Central 1 (sound familiar?), she actually was the hermana that replaced me in my old ward! So we headed out to Cerro and began to get to know our area.

We are going to be in an area called San Jose, in the part called Delta! Our little branch is called Delta El Tigre! We mostly wandered trying to get to know the area and the people! We got a chance to get to know the branch president, President Medina! He is super nice and has only been a member for about 5 years! Anyway we were just starting to get used to the area, when we got a phone call, that Saturday morning I was to leave for Fray Bentos for the fireside!

So I got back to Fray Bentos Saturday night and had the wonderful privilege to go to my ward on Sunday! It was a tender mercy! I really hadn´t had a chance to say goodbye to most people and so I got to finish my goodbyes!

Then Sunday night we had the Fireside! It was incredible!!! I could feel the Spirit soooo strong! When we finished I realized how much my testimony that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has been strengthened. I know that we have the true church of Jesus Christ on the Earth today because it was restored through Joseph Smith! This gospel has brought me more true joy than any other thing in all of my 21 years of life!!! I encourage everyone who aren't members that you can find the missionaries closest to you and ask them to share with you this gospel!!! I encourage everyone who are members to study the story of the Restoration and I promise you will also gain a renewed testimony of the truthfulness of this church!

I love you all!!!

Hermana McMurray

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