Monday, October 6, 2014

Just Another Day in the Life of a Missionary in Delta El Tigre!!!

Dear Familia,

Well this week has been interesting...

In Review:
-I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about Family History!!! I even shared a story about our pioneer ancestors that came from Denmark (translated :D), thank you Grandma Harmer! I was pretty nervous, but I managed to remember almost all of my Spanish!

-I ate 3 or 4 oranges...that were slightly wasn´t my intencion and it really wasn´t very tasty, but I am addicted to oranges!!!

-My companion ate some empanadas...that didn´t really agree with her and then we had to catch an omnibus to do divisions with some sisters who live down the road. Just imagine 9 pm at night in the darkness in front of the church building after traveling in a bus. Hermana Barrios was doubled over in the middle of the street...I couldn´t help but laugh at how strange it all was...Don´t worry, she recovered :D!

-There was so much wind...every day I felt like I was part of the Wizard of Oz!

-Someone sang me a love song in was uncomfortable!

-There were 7 youth in seminary this last week...usually on Sundays we are lucky if there are 2 or 3!!!! Miracles are starting to happen here!

-I watched all of conference in Spanish for the first time ...I loved it!!!

-My favorite talk was by Eduardo Gavarret. I was first touched that he was the first person to speak Spanish in the conference center and then he said that he was from Uruguay. It was wonderful to hear that God is so mindful of our little country! I also loved the whole theme of his talk, it really touched me! He said that each of us should say ¨Lord, I would follow thee.¨and ¨We don't have any more desires to do wrong¨  (my rough translation). I know that as I pray and tell the Lord how much I desire to follow him, he will help me in my daily journey!

I love you all lots and don´t forget to watch conference if you haven´t seen it yet!

Hermana McMurray

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