Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day Trippin´

Date: Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 2:20 PM

Dear Familia,

So this week was super strange...As you all know, I was deported and I ended up traveling by boat to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was all fairly smooth...until immigration. It turns out I needed one more visa form that I didn´t know about, and that the sister who was accompanying us forgot about...luckily after about ten minutes the immigration lady got tired of me and just told me to pass! I know that the Lord blesses Hos missionaries! So I made it to Argentina...where we spent a few hours site seeing (wierd, right?)! I never thought I would go site-seeing on my mission! We saw the tomb of their liberator, San Martin, the Pink House (where the president of Argentina lives), a famous theater, some protests, and other mains sites! It was crazy and fun and lots of pictures are to come :D!

After finally getting back...feeling completely exhausted because I hadn´t slept much in three days....we got back to the good old missionary work! Hermana Dixon got to enjoy her time with one of the members of our ward! The best part is that she ended up spending a good part of the time helping take blood pressure because the member was a nurse!

This week was full of interesting little tidbits...
-We ended up eating quite a bit of cake on Sunday...the first two were yummy....the third was okay....with the fourth I was feeling sick....the fifth was somewhat torturous! I love the people and missionaries in our ward because they are so generous...I just probably won´t be able to even look at cake for another week!  I am pretty sure we have 100% humidity here! I actually am super enjoying it...the only problem is the mold!!! We have so much mold!!!!  I started looking around and I commented to Hermana Dixon...¨What is that black stuff on the front of our fridge?¨ I thought at first that someone had run a wet cloth over the front...then I looked closer...It was actually mold, even our fridge is growing mold on the outside!

In terms of the work it has been a week of miracles! I had two crazy experiences this week. This week we passed by for some less actives and their son Lucas, who is 9 years old and isn´t baptized. Last time
we were there, we shared the Book of Mormon and invited them to read daily. We enjoyed being with them but there didn´t seem to be a lot of interest and so we passed by again, not expecting much. As we began talking we found that Lucas has faithfully read the Book of Mormon daily since we left. No one else in his family has been reading, but he tries to read an entire chapter every night out loud! I was so
surprised because I have never seen someone so young, so excited to read the Book of Mormon! It was such a testimony to me that we are never too young or too old to read the Book of Mormon and that really God an touch the hearts of all types of people! The other experience I had was with Hermana Dixon. We were waiting in line to get out some money and Hermana Dixon starting to talk to the lady behind us in line. We just starting talking about random things and it came out that she was actually a less active sister. She was baptized when she was a child and hadn´t been in a long time! Just as we were starting
to talk about the church, she realized that it was her turn and so she hurriedly said goodbye and headed off. We were a little sad because we didn´t have the chance to get her contact information or anything and so we started walking out. As we walked away the lady called out to us and hurried over to us. She told us that she had a daughter who she wanted to listen to the missionaries, but she was in a hurry. So she just stared spouting off all of her contact information (I was feeling stressed trying to get my agenda out and write :)) Anyway, it was a miracle! I know that as we preach the gospel that God prepares people
to listen and receive us! It was a great week!

Don´t forget to write me your missionaries experiences! I am praying for you all!

Love you lots,
Hermana McMurray

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