Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Practice, Practice, and More Practice, Better Make Perfect!

Date: Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 1:07 PM

Dear Familia,

It has been a strange week with an even stranger week to come. I haven´t really gotten around to mentioning much of what is happening in the mission and in our zone. We are currently preparing for a special fireside that is given by us missionaries. It involves us singing for about an hour, small mormon messages, and testimonies from recent converts and reactivated members. It is going to be amazing! We are actually the last Zone of the mission to do it and so we are
preparing a lot! The only problems is that our zone lives in three separate cities (sometimes we even jokingly call ourselves three zones because we are so far apart). The problem is that we all have to get together to practice, so we have been traveling to Mercedes twice a week for the last few weeks, but this last week things went totally crazy. Another zone called Paysandu had their fireside and they needed more girl voices, so they asked for one sister from each companionship
in our zone to go and help them. Hermana Dixon and I didn´t want to decide so we decided to do what Nefi did and cast lots. Hermana Dixon won and so she went to Paysandu on Wednesday. Meanwhile, I stayed alone in the area with a 17 year old girl from Mercedes. Then Saturday and Sunday I spent with Manuela. Manuela is a 16 year old from our ward (who also happens to be a ward missionary)! I basically spent the week without Hermana Dixon. It was a great week, but I missed Hermana Dixon! Things are going to be so much easier now that she has come back!  The problem with this week is that we are going to be practicing almost all of this week! Turns out our Zone is going to have 3 firesides (one in each city). So we are going to have to go and do sound checks in all of the different cities! So we are not actually going to be in our area Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. It will be super strange to have to go to church somewhere that isn´t my ward! Sorry
for all of this blabbing, I just thought you would all want to know a little of what is currently going on in my life. We also will be having changes next week, sort of! The  change ends this week, but we are going to be staying an extra week (our whole zone) because we will be having the fireside in Fray Bentos on the 14th of September (So we will all get another week together :D!

Sorry I blabbed a bunch! This week was an absolutely amazing week!  We had 110 people in the chapel (the highest in my time here!) We also had an entire family of investigators come, Silvana and Walter, Milagro, and all the little ones! It was good to see them bond with the members and participate in the classes! They are the ones who are progressing most right now! Well more or less that is my crazy week in review...anyone who thinks that the mission is monotonous just needs
to come to our mission because something crazy always happens :D! I am loving the mission and I have loved hearing from all of you this week!

Hermana McMurray

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