Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Kitchen of the World (aka a Meat Packing Factory)

Date: Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 3:39 PM

Dear Familia,

This week has been a little we are going to do a super quick run down....

-Monday: We made it out to Mercedes...We are about 30 minutes away in omnibus. We played soccer with a bunch of the people from our Zone. It was fun to see Hermana Dixon play....everyone said that she plays well and it must be genetic (after all I am her mom). I was so proud!

-Tuesday: We almost had a baptismal interview. Due to a weird situation and some lost records, a sister in our ward almost got re baptized...Luckily we finally found her records!!!

-Wednesday: We participated in a Relief Society activity and I got to put my wonderful sewing skills to the test. I managed to sew an eye for a puppet...It was little, but I felt super accomplished. I knew all those sewing lessons Mom gave me would one day come in handy :D!

-Thursday: I abandoned my companion again (don´t worry I left her in the hands of a very nice Brazilian sister)! I had to get up at 3 am and take a bus to Montevideo! We had some training meetings and I got
to participate! I felt very edified to be able to listen to President Smith and study the scriptures! I also learned lots of new things that I am excited to apply in our ward! One of the highlights was almost dying in the car...again! I think that they should probably just plan our times better, but I am starting to get the suspicion that the Elders just like to drive like crazy people. We managed to get to the bus station with 7 whole minutes to spare, we were fist pumping and everything...then we got the dreaded phone turns out a different Elder had our tickets. One who happened to just be leaving the mission home. So we waiting, not believing that he could arrive, wondering if we were going to lose our bus. As we were waiting, we saw what looked like a streak of light pass by (an Elder in a flat out sprint). We ended up having to flat out sprint behind him, the good news is that we caught the bus and no one died :D!

-Viernes: We got to attend a baptism of the Elders in our ward! I was asked to give the talk! I was pretty excited that I managed to put together my talk in about 10 minutes and it still turned out great!  The baptism was beautiful and it reminded me of my baptism! I realize now how little I understood at the time (since I was only 8 years old), but how important that day was for me! It was the day that I truly starting in on the path that the Lord had prepared for me!

-Saturday: I was part of a circus..clown pictures coming soon!

-Sunday: It was beautiful and we enjoyed taking the sacrament! I feel often like I am running from one end of Fray Bentos to the other and that my life is hectic, but I love just having the time to sit and meditate during the sacrament. I just feel an overwhelming peace!

-Monday: I visited a sweet meat packing factory! I got to do a awesome tour of the museum! I am almost a 100% sure that Dad would have been super jealous because I got to see a bunch of pictures, read a bunch of signs, and they even let us touch stuff! It turns out our tour guide is a less active and she told us all about all of the ¨Mormons¨ who worked in the factory! We ended up getting the history of the factory and the early church in this area :D!

Well this week has been interesting (as you can all see by my email), but it has been great! I know that the Lord answers prayers! Every day I can see answers to my prayers in everything that happens to me and all of the miracles I have the opportunity to see!

Love you all lots,
Hermana McMurray

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