Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Bridge (not the seminary video)!

Date: Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 3:04 PM

Dear Familia,

Well I have had one more week in Delta and I am loving it! We actually sort of cover two separate areas. One area is called the Barra and it belongs to Montevideo then we cross (yes, on foot) a long bridge and work in Delta El Tigre, which belongs to San Jose. Hermana Barrios and I joke that we walk all the way from Montevideo to San Jose every day!  It is actually one of my favorite times in all of my mission! We cross this long bridge and we get to see the water and the waves and all of the fisherman, it is gorgeous!

So some funny stories about this bridge...
-The other day we were walking and a couple of men were fishing on the bridge (which isn´t actually allowed....they only can fish below the bridge) and so we stopped and started talking to them. It was super fun to get to know them and share a little bit about the gospel with them! I always laugh just thinking that I was on a bridge in the middle of Uruguay sharing the gospel in Spanish with two fisherman...  When we finished talking to them, one of them caught something and so
Hermana Barrios and I got to touch a wriggling fish :D!!! I unfortunately didn't have my camera, so you will all have to imagine it!

-Also, the other day we were walking on the bridge to get back to our apartment (which is in the Barra) and it was dark and sort of late. We were walking along in silence, just enjoying the night...the beautiful water...the stars...when a deep man voice from about two feet behind us said ¨Excuse me...¨ We both jumped about a mile!!! I think my heart is still racing!

-I also made several smoothies with some fruit that is growing on a tree behind our house. Hermana Barrios probably thinks I am crazy because, the other morning. I walked outside and she was in the kitchen. So I was balanced on a chair outside trying to collect all of the ripe fruit that I could find...unfortunately there is a fence and so I can only reach a small portion...well easily anyway...So I was balanced on the chair and leaning over the fence and pulling on the tree branch...I also forgot that I had a towel on my head...I am sure it was comical to see. Hermana Barrios laughed a fair amount :D!  Anyway the smoothies were super delicious even though I don´t know what kind of fruit they are!

This week was a great week because I had several very spiritual experiences...sorry there isn´t time to relate all of them, but I can promise that if you leave with the missionaries that you will be able to have one of these experiences for ourselves! Isn´t it way better to experiment things first hand :D?! Anyway, after this week I can honestly say that I have felt the Spirit so strong and I know without a single doubt that the Lord loves all of his children and that He has a plan for each one of them!

I love you all lots and hope you have a great week!!
Hermana McMurray

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