Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vi Una Columna de Luz...

Date: Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 4:20 PM

Dear Familia,

I am going to have to make this short and sweet this week...somehow the time always escapes me!

Funny Highlights of this week:
-Hermana Dixon and I were in a lesson this week and we asked them how their families were...Hermana Dixon followed up by asking ¨Is your Mom still going to move?¨ Unfortunately for her, the words moving and dying are very similar in Spanish....So she accidentally asked him if his mom was dying...she was so embarrassed :D!

-We were sent to buy pizza from a bakery for a ward were the instructions of the Elders (obviously translated):
Elders: ¨Sisters, could you please go and buy us some pizzas?¨
Us: ¨Are you guys planning on cooking them?¨
Elders: ¨No, everyone here eats them raw.¨
Us: ¨So you want us to buy raw pizzas?¨
Elders: ¨Yes¨
-aka we bought raw pizzas...

-We were playing soccer today on P Day and I accidentally collided with an Elder...I may or may not have accidentally clothes-lined him...I felt horrible, but he was super nice and he didn´t even get upset...

-Hermana Dixon told me she could play the hymn in sacrament meeting.  She got up and played through the whole introduction and then she just stopped, looked at me, and said (in English) ¨Actually I can´t play this, can you?¨ So we got up in the middle and did a quick switch. She was pretty embarrassed, but I just told her a couple of the things that I did when I started the mission and she laughed and felt better....being a sister missionary is not always easy :D!

Now for some of the spiritual things...
This week I had an incredible experience during divisions. Hermana Leon (coincidentally another Peruvian....I think they are destined to be with me) and I had a lesson with an investigator of theirs named Ana. We went to the lesson and we decided to have her read part of Joseph Smith history. At first I was thinking only a little bit, but after a couple minutes she got pretty excited and continued reading.  She identified really well with Joseph Smith and she felt like she had passed through the exact same experiences. As she read the Spirit was so strong and as she read the first vision, I felt the Spirit the strongest that I have maybe in my whole life! As she stopped reading the Spirit stayed in the air and we were able to give several good commitments! It was an incredible experience! I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that he restored Jesus Christ´s true church!

I love you all lots and hope you all have incredible spiritual experiences this week!

Hermana McMurray

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