Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Struggles of Language Study!

Dear Familia,

This past week I got to go to the temple in Carrasco (all the Hermanas in Montevideo got to go)! It was such a wonderful opportunity! I sat in the temple and pondered exactly why I was serving a mission. While sitting there, I realized that the whole reason I am teaching others the gospel is to give them access to the Atonement, to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to be able to receive the blessings that come through the temple. It is in the temple that we are sealed as eternal families and I want all of the people in the world (my brothers and sisters) to receive this blessing! That is why I am serving a mission!!!

After the temple we hung out in the mission home for a couple of hours and I got to meet the newest set of Elder and Hermanas. I was talking to one of the girls, and out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the new Hermanas trying to talk to my companion. I think she managed to use about 3 correct words (in a five minute period), while boring my comp to death. I just laughed to myself....Ooohhhhh what a difference 6 weeks with a native speaker makes! 

Hermana Camacho and I have an hour of language study every day. You should just hear us...By the end I am mumbling to myself in spanglish about how much I hate Spanish and how it doesn´t actually make any sense. Meanwhile Hermana Camacho is knocking her head on the desk repeating ¨¿Por qué necesito íngles? Íngles no es importante!¨ I think we are both basketcases afterwards :)!

My Spanish has been improving every day. Here is a story I think you will all enjoy. I have a lady in my ward named Hermana Bowman. She has only been here for about 2 months and really doesn´t speak much Spanish, so I always talk to her in English. This week we were proselyting for about two hours in an area near our stake center, and afterwards we had a meeting in the stake center. When we walked in I saw her and so naturally I began to talk to her. Meanwhile she is just staring at me... So after about 20 seconds of her giving me the wierdest look...I start to feel super weird, so I just kinda stop talking. She looks at me and says ¨You know you were talking in Spanish right?¨ The good news is that I am heading down the road of fluency :)!

Fun food of the week: Ants! Yep, you didn´t read the email wrong....ANTS! Nope some nice little old lady didn´t feed them to us, it was actually my companion. Hermana Camacho left the lid off of the sugar and so when we got back to our apartment the thing of sugar had about thirty ants in it. So my comp did what any normal person would do...she picked out the ants (mas or menos) and promptly used the sugar. She then offered me the dish she had made (arroz con leche) with the ant infested sugar. I didn´t want to offend her, so I ate it. If you don´t hear from me next week, it is probably because I have died of some strange disease. 

We have been practicing teaching more this week. Every morning we practice in hopes that we will find people to teach. I have never actually gotten to teach a second lesson (the plan of salvation) to a real person! I have faith that this week, I will get that opportunity (the Lord blesses us when we trust in Him!). 

Caio from Uruguay,

Hermana McMurray

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