Monday, September 23, 2013


Dear Familia,

Last week my letter was pretty this letter might be a little lame. This week we aimed for the 25 lessons and we fell short...we had 8 in total. I am not going to lie, this week was tough, but all things in life that are worth having require lots of work. The good news is that I already know how to work...In the words of our beloved Mother: ¨Why do you need a popcorn break?¨ (said after five hours of weeding the garden...). So we are going to work (without popcorn breaks) with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength this week to teach more lessons and spread the word of God! The good news about walking the streets of Montevideo day in and day out, is all of the funny, strange, scary things that happen to me.

Stories of the week:

-We were teaching a lesson to an investigator and things were going great! Hermana Camacho begins to talk about Joseph Smith and is about to describe the first vision, when a huge, I mean HUGE dog came out, and stood in the doorway of the kitchen. Of course it takes one look at us, leaps over the furniture, and lands right in front of Hermana Camacho. She proceeds to squeal at the top of her lungs, lunge out of her chair, and make a beeline for the door. The dog then sees me... it walked over, and so I just did the only thing I could think to do, I began to pet it! So my companion is standing at the door and I am petting this dog, while the investigator is just looking at me. So it turns out the dog was pretty much in love with me and sat quietly by my feet for the rest of the lesson. The best part... the dog´s name is
Psycho! Yep, I pretty much tamed a wild beast this week, no biggie!

-I witnessed a stroke and a head on collision. I guess when you walk in the streets a ton, you tend to see some scary things too! My companion and I walked past a woman who seemed to be in pain. So we start to ask her what is wrong and she says that she has all sorts of
heart problems..first red flag. Then she begins to complain that her left arm flag number two. So of course we are trying to call medics and there is a huge group of people all standing around and staring at her. Anyway... to make a long story short about twenty
minutes later, the medics got there and told everyone to leave. No idea what happened, but I witnessed a person having a stroke hopefully for the first and last time in my life!

-I also saw a car hit a man on a little moto. I don´t know how many of you have spent any time in Uruguay (or Argentina), but everyone is on these little motos. They are one of the main forms of transportation.  I would have to say one of my favorite sites in the world is when I
see two fat men squished onto one of these tiny little motos (a freakishly common site) ;)! Anyway it was super scary, but I don´t think that the man died.

Anyway...I probably shouldn´t end with all of these depressing stories, but I am about out of time, so....
The work continues! I love the mission!
Love you all Lots,
Hermana McMurray

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