Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mi Bolso de Maiz

Dear Familia,

I am sorry I am a day late, but I just completed my first change (6 weeks), so my P-Day is on Tuesday!!!! The good news is...I didn´t actually change. I am still with Hermana Camacho and in Pocitos for at least another six weeks!

This week was entertaining and freezing cold! I have finally started to get the hang of Spanish and so now I can actually joke...poor Hermana Camacho! Some of the fun stories of the week:

-I found myself cuddling with a piece of toast! Okay...that sounded a lot less weird in my head. Here is the story behind this, so you don´t all think that I have completely lost my mind while in Uruguay. Well the story of the toast and I began in our apartment. Our apartment is super, super, super,  cold (it turns out that a broken window with a blanket taped over it still lets in a ton of cold air, who knew...?). We have two baby heaters, but we can´t actually use them because electricity is super expensive. So one morning I made myself toast, to eat while studying. I was reading in 1 Nephi and I looked up to ponder on a verse and I noticed Hermana Camacho giving me the wierdest look. That is when I realized....I had subconsciously taken the toast and was holding it against my face. I quickly dropped the toast, but now Hermana Camacho watches me every time I make toast...whoops! Ohhhhh things are always exciting around here!

-Another funny story induced by the cold (strangely also about cuddling). At the start of the mission, Hermana Smith gave all of the missionaries one of those little heating bags that you put in the microwave. So I took mine, thinking ¨when will I ever need this?¨, smiled and thought no more about it...until two weeks ago! About two weeks ago I started feeling somewhat like a popsicle, so I dug out my heating bag and popped it in the microwave...about a thousand times. Now Hermana Camacho and I use our little 'bolsos de maiz' (bag of corn...what else do you call it in a language you don't know?) every time we are in our apartment! I have found a new best friend on the mission! 

-I got asked to perform an exorcism...

-This week has been hard, but also super great! We taught more investigators this week, but sadly all of them decided that they didn´t want to hear our message anymore! So this week we are starting over again from scratch, ¡Hoy es el día! This week we are planning on working super hard to find those people that the Lord has prepared to hear the message of the restored Gospel! I know that the Lord wants me to serve in Pocitos and that He has prepared people to hear the glorious news, that the true Church of God is on the Earth again! All is well in Montevideo!

Hermana McMurray

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