Monday, September 9, 2013

Viajitos in Uruguay!

Dear Familia,

This week I officially hit three months!!! THREE MONTHS!!! I cannot really believe it, I swear just yesterday I was in the airport on my way to Buenos Aires!

Some fun stories of the week:
- Hermana Camacho and I were walking down the street and we stopped and said hello to a little old lady sitting on a wall. She promptly gets up and gives us both kisses and than begins to talk with Hermana Camacho. This is their conversation (obviously translated):
Old Lady: ¨How are you doing? Are you completely recovered from the flu?
Hna Cam:¨Oh yes I feel much better. How are you doing?¨
Old Lady: ¨I am doing okay. I have been feeling a little sick, but now
I am doing better. How is your mother doing?¨
Hna Cam: ¨She is doing great!¨
I will stop the translation there, because after that, we talked to her for five more minutes...
The best part...Hermana Camacho has never seen this lady before in her life! I was standing listening to their conversation and I was sure that they knew each other before...and apparently so did the little old lady!!! Anyway it made for a super great contact!

-This week has been a week of finding! We have been trying to find all of the less active members in our area. We have had quite a bit of success and have been able to contact about half (which is a miracle)!  Yesterday night we met with a less active member near our house. I asked Hna Camacho why we had never made contact with him before (since he is only a three minute walk from our house), she replied that she had never heard of him before. So we go and we see what seems to be an office, so undeterred we push one of the six doorbells and ask for this man.
That is when things started to seem a little strange....We get buzzed in and we get about halfway through this place full of couches, when we see the member. He is waiting for someone to unlock a gate.  So we are just standing there and staring at him and he finally gets through the gate and we all go and sit on the couches...(at this point Hermana Camacho and I are just kind of looking at each other and wondering what we should do). So we begin to talk to the member and he is answering our questions, meanwhile other people keep wandering by.  The thing is, they weren´t normal people...they all were acting kind of strange and two or three of them were just staring at me. So we continue to talk to the member for a little longer, until my companion cannot stand it for a moment longer and asks: ¨Why are all of these people out here?¨ Turns out we were in a mental facility! Yep I have now been in a mental facility in a foreign country...I am so glad I can finally mark that off of my bucket list! It turned out to be a great visit and we are going back later this week to try and help the member stop smoking! It was definitely a slightly different experience!

The work is going great! This week we worked tons! We have been trying to find more people to teach! Right now we don´t have a single progressing investigator, but I have faith that that will change. This past week we found a new investigator named Albaro! He is really promising and we have another appointment with him this week! Pray that he is receptive to our message!

Fun Food of the Week: Columbian Arepas! They are basically halfway between a tortilla and a pancake! I got to try super authentic ones, since my comp happens to be a Columbiana!!! I loved them!!! I would suggest to everyone that you find your nearest Columbian friend and have them make you some delicious arepas!

I love serving a mission! I am planning on serving for the next 80 years...(I think that my mission president will let me extend for that long)!

Hermana McMurray

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