Monday, September 16, 2013

The Santa Maria...

Dear Familia,

This week has honestly been a little crazy, but absolutely wonderful!  Let´s start with the weather here...LOCO! The beginning of last week it was perfect! Slightly warm, with nice crisp breezes. Then came the Santa Rosa! Now for all those of you who are asking ¨what is the Santa Rosa?,¨ the answer to your question is a storm. But this is not just one of those normal kind of storms...This is a storm that comes on Augest 30th EVERY single year! Everyone is completely terrified because it killed five people in Montevideo last year. Anyway, with all the talk about this storm, I have been highly reminded of my childhood in Virginia, where everyone is convinced that the Farmer´s Almanac is practically a 100% accurate weather forecast. For the last two weeks, every raindrop has been called the Santa Rosa! The good news: the Santa Rosa came...the bad news: the Santa Rosa still hasn´t left! It has been raining for three days and the streets probably have almost three feet of water. For anyone who desires to have the best puddle jumping experience of their life, come to Montevideo! Now let´s leave the weather and get to the funny stories:
-Contacting....for anyone who has never been, you are missing out!  Sometimes, I just wish someone would follow us around and film some of the responses we get at doors! My favorite two experiences from this week:
1. We knocked on a door and asked to share a message. The man inside responded ¨How long is the message?¨ We responded ¨We only need five minutes.¨ He responded ¨Sorry, you cannot come in because I am actually completely naked...¨ Ohhhhhh......
2. We buzzed on the door of a less active sister named Susana. Here is our conversation with her...
Us: ¨Is this Susana?¨
Susana: ¨Yes, what do you need?¨
Us: ¨It´s the missionaries¨
Susana: ¨This isn´t actually Susana. She moved a long time ago.¨
Us: ¨Oh really....Do you believe in God?¨
Susana: ¨Yes, but I am a part of a different religion.¨
Us: ¨How wonderful. What was your name again?¨
Susana: ¨I don´t want to tell you¨
(at this point she hung up on us)
Oh the lengths people will go to avoid the missionaries!

-This week, I think I lived part of the Wizard of Oz. We have had the strongest winds I have felt in my entire life. Last night Hermana Camacho and I were just walking along, and all of a sudden we both were almost sprinting... The winds were so strong that, we were literally being forced to run. Don´t worry we are okay...although Hermana Camacho is a little sad, because her hat blew off and out of sight in about 10 seconds!

Now for the Spiritual part:

Hermana Camacho and I are trying our hardest to complete the new goals of the mission. One of the main goals is to teach 25 lessons every week (5 to new investigators, 5 to other people, 15 to less active members). I know that the goals of the mission are inspired, and so our main goal this week is to try and teach the 25 lessons.  Honestly, our area is a little bit complicated, and I have faced more rejection in the last 2 months, than I thought I would in my entire life. I worry sometimes that I will never be able to teach the lessons in Spanish, especially because we really haven´t had a progressing investigator since I arrived. Sometimes I feel like I don´t know how
to do missionary work, because I haven´t seen a single result or haven´t seen a single person changed. Then I remember that these feelings of discouragement and fear are not from the Lord. ¨Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thy own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths (Proverbs 3:5-6)¨ has become my new motto. No, I cannot see the end from the beginning and no, I cannot really see a change in this area, but I can see a change in me! I am learning to trust in the Lord and to listen to only His voice! I know that through prayers and crazy hard work, miracles can be worked in Flores 3!!! This week we are
aiming for the 25 lessons!!!!! This is a week for miracles!

Hermana McMurray

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