Monday, April 7, 2014

THE SUPERBOWL...For Missionaries!

Dear Familia,

This week was...AWESOME! It was the superbowl...for missionaries, aka General Conference! I am not going to lie, I was thrilled to get to watch all the sessions (and the bonus was that we got to watch it all in English)! So there were so many good parts...which should I share :D! I was thinking a little about my preparation before conference this year. This time I pondered and thought of three questions  that I really wanted to receive answers for during conference. So I wrote them down in my notebook and waiting anxiously for conference to begin. What happened during conference was amazing! I always have heard that you can receive direct answers during conference, but I have never received such clear responses! There were three separate talks that each specifically answered my three questions! During the conference I felt so sure that God is mindful of me. Even if I am little and I don´t speak too much spanish, and I make lots of mistakes, God is so aware of me, that He inspired three separate speakers to answer my questions! I felt so humbled and so loved! I have a strong testimony that God loves me and that He is always listening to my prayers! I know that this Gospel is true and that I will always receive answers to my prayers!

Fun stories of the week:

-It is official we have gotten rid of our plague of lice! You never know what you will experience when you go on the mission, but I am pretty sure that every missionary prays they won´t get lice! I am glad we already passed through this trial...hopefully never to repeat it :D!

-I got to give some presentations in front of the whole Zone...not that I suffer from stage fright or anything...but I suffer horribly from stage fright! I am always in awe of Dad, who can stand up in front of tons of people without blinking an eye and give an amazing talk. I, on the other hand, am lucky if they don´t have to cart me out on a stretcher! The good news is that I didn´t throw-up (it was a close call :D)! At least I am done with presentations for this week!

-I went on divisions and stayed in another area for a day this week!  The best part was when I got back, my whole area was shocked to see me! My companion told everyone in our area that I had an emergency change and had to leave for Montevideo....She didn´t correct it either...All Sunday I had to tell people, ¨No, I didn´t change companions...No I ´m not leaving Rivera.¨ My companion is a jokester!  I think you would all love her!

Well that is it for this week! I encourage everyone to send me your favorite quote from conference for the next week! I would love to hear about your favorite talks and about your studies from Preach My Gospel!

I love you all lots!
Hermana McMurray

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