Monday, April 14, 2014

Stake Conference...

Dear Family,

Sorry this is going to be short this actually all wrote me, so I don´t have as much time to write a general email!!!

This week was crazy. Firstly...THEY have returned! And by THEY, I am obviously talking about the lice! Hermana Ramirez decided that we were going to do a little service. We decided to get rid of the lice of one little girl from our ward who is going to get baptized this next week!  So we went and...I have never in my whole life seen so many lice!  Every time we pulled one of the lice combs through her hair it pulled about fifty bugs...not little eggs, full grown, crawling, blood sucking bugs! So Hermana Ramirez and I pulled out and destroyed about a thousand....Needless to say, we felt a little itchy after all of this. When we got home, we started to run the lice combs (thank you Mom!) through our own hair...I almost died. We managed to pull out several bugs out of each of our heads and then we took showers with the anti lice shampoo. It seems like it will be a battle for the next while with us! Please pray for us....

Secondly, we had Stake Conference and our interviews with President Smith this last week! So, in reference to stake conference, Hermana Ramirez and I got asked to speak for ten minutes in the Saturday Session. Of course, you all know me....and my horrible stage fright.  So I was feeling a little apprehensive about our talks all week. When Saturday arrived we got to Stake Conference and only the Chapel was I was feeling a little more relieved! I just forgot one little detail...everyone in Uruguay is chronically late... I got up to give my talk and saw that the chapel was full, and then a whole basketball court full of chairs, and then some more chairs on the stage behind the basketball court...I think my heart stopped! The good news is I started and I didn´t seem to have too many problems, until the end. In my worry to conjugate all of the verbs right and express myself in my best Spanish, I forgot to say finish my testimony with (¨In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen¨). I just kind of stopped and walked away...whoops! Talking in front of groups of people was never really my forte!

I also got to have my interview with President Smith. It was all really good and he told me that he is proud of my work here in Rivera, but he believes that it is time for a change...I think I will be leaving Rivera at the next transfers in three weeks! We will have to see what happens...I am starting to feel nervous about a new comp and a new area!

Well I love you all lots and I know that this gospel is true! I am loving having the opportunity to share the gospel. This week when I was reading Preach My Gospel, I came to better understand that we are successful missionaries, when we feel the Spirit. I feel humbled and grateful to be able to feel the Spirit every day as I testify of the truthfulness of this gospel!

Hermana McMurray

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