Monday, November 4, 2013

Vi Una Columna De Luz...

Dear Familia,

This week has been another great in the mission field! I love being a missionary (misionera...way better because it shows that I am a girl!)! This week I had my best experience with teaching in all of my mission! Hermana Coral and I contacted an old investigator named Alex this week. The first thing he said to us was ¨I don´t really have a lot of interest  because I don´t believe in the law of tithing!¨ This is what we said: ¨Oh really, well we would really like to teach you a quick lesson.¨ I think he was so startled by the fact that we didn´t try and make him believe in tithing right away, that he said yes. So we sat outside with him (because he is a single man) and began to teach. It was a wonderful lesson! We started with a hymn and prayer, which I think embarrassed him a little (since we were in the street), but I think it also touched him. He allowed us to teach all about the Restoration and at the end he didn´t ask anything about tithing. He also agreed to pray to know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. The best part for me was that I got to teach the First Vision.
I started talking and he really connected with me. I felt the Spirit sooooooooo strong and got all emotional during the part where God talks about Jesus Christ! It was crazy because he was completely, 100% focused on what I was saying. I could see that he was feeling the
Spirit throughout the whole vision! I know that this gospel is true and that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ! I love that I get to testify every day of the things that I know!

Now for all of the Funny Stories:
-We went to a Relief Society Activity in the Relief Society President´s house (and we brought a less active sister:)). So Hermana Coral and I got to sit and watch all of them do crafts (yay!). After about 20 minutes Hermana Coral decided to try and play with the 2 year old daughter of our Relief Society President. Next time I looked over, Hermana Coral was trying to brush the hair of one of the little girl´s doll...with a pencil.... (I am still not really sure why). The whole time we were in that apartment (2 hours), we talked to the sisters and Hermana Coral brushed that doll´s hair! I was actually super impressed...she managed to make the rat´s nest into a perfectly straight beautiful head of hair! So as we left we looked back and we saw the little girl with her doll. She had taken the hair between her two hands and was rubbing it into knots! I seriously thought Hermana Coral was going to launch herself across the room at her :)!
-My brothers should enjoy this story...Hermana Coral and I were walking down the street on Sunday on our way to church! It was a beautiful spring day, and so I was just singing to myself and not really paying attention to anything! All of sudden in front of us I saw a sudden movement, and I freaked out! I screamed, stopped, and grabbed onto Hermana Coral. I am not really sure why...but I guess I thought someone was throwing something at us! The good news is that we were not hit in any way. The bad news is...I might have utterly embarrassed myself. The moral of the story...if a young man stops in front of you and tries to give you a flower...don´t scream in the middle of a crowded city street!

That is about all for this week! Love you all!
La obra va bien,
Hermana McMurray

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