Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Dear Familia,

This week has literally been insane! I feel like Hermana Coral and I have laughed through this whole week! The list of funny stories this week is SUPER long...so I will just tell a few of them:

- We actually got fed lunches by some of the members this week! I was so excited...until I saw the food! One day we were fed cooked (to death) spinach topped with instant potatoes. Every time the sister left to find more pictures of her family, Hermana Coral begged me to
eat hers and tried to push it onto my plate :)! The second day (and by far worse) we were fed some sort of rolled up concoction. It was sweet, cake-like bread, with a ton of tuna, mushrooms, green olives, and at least half a bottle of mayonnaise on the top. They then rolled
it all together and topped it with lettuce! That delicious course was followed by more fish (my unfortunately still had scales). I just smiled , placed it in my mouth, and tried not to think about it too much! The good news is that the members love us and now they really want to feed us...the bad news is the food is a little interesting...
-I received a call from my District Leader on Sunday. Nothing out of the norm...Until the world went a little crazy. Hermana Coral was standing next to me and all of a sudden she let out a blood-curdling scream! I whip around and managed to trip over a suitcase in the middle of the floor. That made the phone go flying out of my hand! So I was just laying on the ground completely stunned, my companion was dying laughing, and I could hear my district leader yelling from the phone! He thought one of us got murdered...turns out my companion saw
a spider...
-Yesterday I went to the house of a member (whom Hermana Coral is convinced is over 100). She asked to see the pictures of my family! So of course, I whipped out my photo album (thank you Mom)! Let me quote her exactly: ¨Este es su Papa? ¡Que rico!¨ ¨Y este es su Hermano (Ryan)....¨Ooooohhhh que rico!!!!!¨ The only reply I could think of was...¨yep their wife and fiance think so too!¨
-Yesterday we also got lost..completely! We managed to cross into 2 missions, 5 Zones, and 15 or more areas! We took the wrong omnibus...then we didn´t want to get off because we didn´t know where we were and we thought it would loop... Nope! It finished and we were
forced to get off! So then we proceeded to wander and after about fifteen minutes some things started to look familiar. I realized we were in Ciudad Vieja...the next City over! Our poor District leader was livid! He thought we just wanted to see it!

Anyway that is about all for this week...EXCEPT CAMBIOS! I am leaving Montevideo and headed for Rivera! See the attached map...It is on the other side of the country and I have all of the border of Brazil!  Everyone speaks Portuñol and it is 110 degrees or more! I am also
leaving Hermana Coral...I am a little sad, because the work was so fun with her, but I am sure my next comp will be great too! Her name is Hermana Mazzini and she is form Peru! She speaks no English (great for my Spanish) and she has 12 weeks more in the mission that I do! I am super sad to leave Montevideo and all of the members, but I know I will learn to love Rivera too! Next week my email will be from the other side of the country!

Hermana McMurray

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