Monday, November 25, 2013


Hola Familia,

This last week has literally been insane! I left Montevideo and headed for the other side of Uruguay....Rivera! The funny thing is that I am still in the city... I guess the Lord really wants me to learn to love the city (unfortunately you guys raised me in the country...).
Everything is going great! It is spring here, but our average temperature is getting close to 100, along with extreme humidity! I actually have been enjoying the heat, since it has been more than a year since I had summer!

My companion Hermana Mazzini is awesome! She is from Peru! I think I must be a really good influence on her, because every day she now puts on sunscreen... she says that I make her feel like she is black (I think it is supposed to be a compliment :D)! She is a very loving
companion and together we have been working like crazy! My area (Barrio Central 1) is sooooo receptive! This last week we had 7 people with baptismal dates and 7 progressing investigators! It has been crazy, since before I didn´t teach almost any lessons at all! Now I am
teaching everything including the law of chastity and word of wisdom at least once every day! What has really been amazing to me is the love that I already feel for the people in Rivera! We have one investigator who is called Carmen! She is 19 and she is amazing! She knows that the church is true, but she cannot join because her ¨spouse¨ (because no one is married here) doesn´t want to get married, so she cannot be baptized! She has been progressing like crazy and she truly has desires to change.  We pray every day that her partner will
be receptive to our message!

Funny stories of the week:
-We were a little lost in our area and we were wandering down the road, when we passed a little old man. He looked at us and as he passed us he said: ¨Hola, Elderes¨ It turns out that about half of the people in our area, don´t know that we are Hermanas, so they all call us Elders... That is a first for me! 
-We have an infestation of ants in our really isn't that funny! Actually the funny part is that I screamed because I stepped in a pile of them and our neighbors came rushing over. They asked us who was injured and or dying...whoops! I think they all think I am just some crazy gringa!
-Everyone..(more than 50% of the people we talk to) speak portuñol (Portuguese)! I cannot even believe it! I thought it was a joke, but I found out it isn´t. The other day we were giving a charla (lesson) and I asked Adimir (an investigator) a question. He started talking a ton, and he got all teary, and he finished and then he looked at me...and I looked at him....and he looked at me... I hadn´t understood a single word he had said! I am pretty sure he was speaking almost completely portuguese! 
-We went into Brazil!!!! It is soo crazy! When you cross the street it actually completely changes! Everything is in portuguese, everyone talks in portuguese, the cars are only Brazilian, they don´t have the same food....I thought since all you have to do is cross the street it would be basically the same, but it isn´t. I tried to talk to a handful of people, but none of them understood Spanish! Crazy, right???

That is about it for the week! I love you all!
Hermana McMurray

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