Monday, November 11, 2013

¨Que Hermosa¨

Dear Familia,

So, for any of you who have not been counting the days since I left....(probably because you are counting the days until I come home :D), I recently hit a big milestone! I now have 5 months on the mission! I really cannot believe it, because I feel like time is racing by...I swear yesterday I said goodbye to all of you and headed off to the unknown world of Uruguay! The good news is I am now starting to feel a little bit like a Uruguayan! Today two girls from Mexico made fun of me for my Uruguayen accent! I have never felt so excited to be made fun of! Everyone will probably laugh at my Spanish accent when I get home (due to my very pronounced shhhh sounds), but at least I will know Spanish!

This week has been a little rough with investigators... We lost all of our investigators except one (one thought it was too much work and the other told us in perfect English to stop coming because he is being watched and it is dangerous...), so we are now back to the drawing
board! The good news is...I love it all! Now we just have more opportunities to find and to really try and share the gospel with everyone! I love finding a new person and getting to teach about when Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ! It is one of the most important events in human history and hardly anyone knows it even happened! I love getting to share my testimony and getting to truly be an instrument in the hand´s of the Lord! I love the mission! ¡La Obra va bien!

Funny Stories from this week:

-One of the best parts of being a the heckling by the locals! I think it is especially bad since we are missionaries, foreigners, and girls wearing skirts (who walk the streets for about 10 hours every day)! At least 10 times a day we get comments from all sorts of different men! Here are a few of my favorites from this week:
¨Yo tengo que ir a esa iglesia¨ (imagine it with a super creepy accent). ¨Que lindo que sos¨, ¨Que divina que sos¨ and my personal favorite ¨I like it¨ (sadly enough...not a translation)! It is super entertaining, listening to people trying to practice their English!  (Have fun translating, non-Spanish speakers...)
-  We had our second Halloween party this week! Yep...second one! Last week it rained a ton during our fiesta. That is really really bad, since I have learned that all Uruguayans seem to be allergic to rain (all of the church leaders pray it doesn´t rain on Sundays...otherwise
attendance is down by a third)! So we had the same Halloween party again! It was way more fun the second time. One of the Elders even made homemade rootbeer! The bad news: his sugar might have contained ants. The good news: nobody noticed :D!!! Mmmmm!

That is about all for this week!
¡Hoy es el día!,
Hermana McMurray

p.s. Next week is cambios, so I will not be able to write until Tuesday! I also could be leaving or getting a new companion or possibly both! You can all guess where I am going or if I am staying! 

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