Monday, October 28, 2013

The Blind and the Lame

Dear Familia,

Reading emails this week has been very least now I am going to get Grandma Harmer´s emails! I was so sad to read of the passing of Gracie Bird!!! She was a beloved parrot and I used to love to try and make her talk (although she always ignored me until I left, at which point she would say as loud as possible ¨bye bye¨...).

Hermana Coral and I are doing great! So here is all the exciting news about our investigators!!! The way that we teach investigators now has completely changed in our mission. We now focus and teach almost solely from the images found in the pamphlets. We talk about their symbolism and how they make people feel! It really is amazing to see the way that people feel the Spirit, when they examine an image of Christ!

So this week we found a new investigator named Carlos (not a common name...:D) in a Casa de Salud (nursing home...?)! We have just started teaching him, but he is very receptive. But inevitably there have to be a couple of glitches. He happens to be completely blind...and maybe a little deaf. He also speaks perfect English (who knew that that would come to be a problem?). We have to try and teach completely different and we have to try and teach in English. I have learned all of the lessons in Spanish and so now I actually feel all awkward when I try to teach in English! We tried to explain to him that we understand Spanish, but he doesn´t believe us...So now every time a nurse walks by and says something, he says ¨No, no, no they don´t speak Spanish, only English.¨ Oh well...lessons in English it is!

Hermana Coral had a little bit of a rough week...We were running a little late trying to get back to our apartment (our area happens to be huge...). So we started to run...bad decision! Hermana Coral tripped, tried to catch herself, and tripped again. She totally ate it! She slid down the rock sidewalk...on her front of a crowded bus stop...She also happened to have our cell phone in one hand and a huge folder of papers in the other. Both were chucked into the air as she fell! The good news is we found all 8 pieces of our cell phone and were able to catch all of the papers before they blew away! The bad news is that Hermana Coral busted up her foot pretty bad. By the time that we got back to our apartment her foot was red and swollen and she was walking like a cripple! So one of our Zone leaders (who happened to be on divisions with one of the assistants) and one of the Assistants came to our apartment at 11 pm to give a priesthood blessing of health (don´t worry Dad, they had permission from President Smith :D). The next morning Hermana Coral woke up and looked at her foot...nothing! Her foot was completely better! She swears she thought it was broken that night! I know that this was a miracle for her and I. There was no way that we could continue to work with her foot the way it was! I believe that the priesthood is the power of God on the Earth and that my companion was truly healed by the power of God!

That is about all for this week!
Hermana McMurray

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