Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Dear Familia,

I bet you are all excited to hear about my first real cambios....so I will just save that for last, that way you have to actually read all of my email (don´t you dare skip to the end)!

This week really has been the best week of my mission! We didn´t really get the chance to teach a lot, but we did find 2 new investigators! We are continuing to work hard, but we still are waiting for the miracles. I have realized through these last three months, that patience is not really my strength! The good news is the Lord can make our weak characteristics, our strong ones! I definitely have found that my patience has already grown tenfold!

These week was also General Conference!!!!!!!! I have decided that General Conference is better than Christmas! I am not sure why, but it seemed to make a bigger impact on my life this time, than at any other (maybe because the Lord is my sole focus right now...or maybe because I got to watch it in English :)!

My favorite talk was given by Russell M Nelson. In one part he talked about how we were chosen specifically, by God, to come to Earth at this moment. That we had a particular gift that was needed! The gift is not something physical (since we did not have bodies yet), but it is a spiritual gift! Sometimes in the mission, you are so humbled by all that you don´t know, that you wonder, `what do I have to offer?`  You see all the other missionaries who can talk in fluent spanish, can teach with clarity and power, and you begin to wonder... I realized that I regardless of what I do not have, I have a gift that the Lord wants me to use in Uruguay!

Now to the entertaining chronicles of my life:

-We were in our apartment studying, when after about 20 minutes, Hermana Camacho left to go the bathroom. I being my usual, rather observant self, didn´t actually notice this (trying to understand Isaiah can do that to a person)...So she comes back, sniffs, and asks ¨Are you cooking something?¨ I had a small Kronk moment: ¨Oh my spinach puffs!¨ So I popped out of my chair and ran towards the kitchen...when it hit me, I wasn´t actually cooking anything...or so I thought! So I just stopped and looked at her and Hermana Camacho walked to the microwave and pulled out my precious bolso de maíz! I may or may not have completely cooked into smithereens my second bolso de maíz...The good news, is I may or may not have acquired a third bolso de maíz...(yes, the black market exists in all countries :)).

-President Smith called to tell us our cambios. He began by talking to Hermana Camacho, then afterwards asked if I was listening. So, Hermana Camacho changed the cell phone to speaker phone, meanwhile President is still talking and all we hear is: ¨You are leaving to finish the training of Hermana Nielson.¨ Of course, having not heard who it was directed to, we both yell: ¨Who?¨ President Smith said ¨Ohhh....¨ Then the line went dead....

Hermana McMurray

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