Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Dear Familia,

This week has been great! We taught lots of lessons this week (almost 20)! Last week we contacted in the streets and had a couple people who said that we could come and visit them. So...we contacted them this week and....we have a new investigator!!!!! Her name is Lilian....the experience is located below (in Spanish...sorry for all those unfortunate enough to not understand it)!

Funny Stories:
-We were visiting an old lady and we accidentally interrupted her meal. She decided she wanted to continue eating, so she offered us some of what she was eating....great, right?...nope, wrong! Slimy, squishy, purple prunes were plopped onto both of our plates! I looked
at Hermana Coral...she looked at me... Uh-ohhh! Luckily, she left the room for about 15 seconds. We both grabbed napkins and shoved the prunes into our bags. Fortunately, I remembered the pit...The little old lady still thinks Hermana Coral is wierd because she ¨swallowed¨
the pit!
-One of the most common foods here is lentils! I actually like them okay, but Hermana Coral thinks they are disgusting! So we stopped by a house this week and got big plates of lentils put in front of us. Next thing I know, Hermana Coral is scraping all of hers into my bowl...
-I had another old lady (we seem to visit a lot of old ladies...), who was super concerned about me! She is very sick and cannot leave her house, so every week the members of our barrio bring her the Sacrament. So of course (:D) she has a little sacrament cup that she
keeps inside of another cup. So the lady who stays with her, gave me a cup of Coke. So I am just drinking, when...BAM, she squeals!!! ¨Don´t drink that, it has my sacrament cup in it!¨ The good news is I don´t think I actually drank the cup. The bad news was she just stared at me through the whole lesson, because she thought I swallowed her sacrament cup!

Sorry all of my funny stories involve old ladies and food, but I think that is all that happens in the mission!  I love the mission and I have been learning so much about teaching! We are finding and teaching more than I ever have in the mission! It is still hard, but it feels very rewarding! I love the Lord and I know that this Church is the only true Church of Jesus Christ!

Have a good week all!!!

Hermana McMurray

p.s. Kickeling is what my companion was doing to me this
week...kicking and tickling...together. Pleasant :/

Porque HOY ES EL DÍA decidimos tratar algo nuevo y ser mejores en ENCUENTRE EN TODO TIEMPO. VIVIENDO NUESTRO PROPÓSITO invitamos a todos (incluyendo jóvenes, viejitos, HOBOS y asians) a venir a Cristo.  Cuando nos ayudamos y animamos la una a la otra (SEA UNO) podríamos contactar muchas personas.  Encontramos a Lilian en las esquina de España y libertad (en nuestra área [OBEDEZCA CON EXACTITUD]). Ella era muy amable y nos dio su dirección. Llegamos a su casa y ella ACCEDO LAS LLAVES para dejarnos entrar.  Ella tenia unas preguntas y realmente solo estaba curiosa para saber cual era la diferencia entre su iglesia y la nuestra.  La aseguramos que ibamos a responder a todos sus preguntas y empezamos con una oración sencilla.  Despues de la oración ella estaba mucho mas receptiva y enseñamos lección 1.1.  Tal vez no podemos hablar español muy bien o no tenemos mucha experiencia pero cuando siguimos el guia del espiritu santo podemos encontrar las personas que el Señor tiene preparadas para nosotros y TESTIFICAR CON PODER.

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