Monday, October 14, 2013


Dear Familia,

Time for the big reveal...sorry about last week :)! I am still in Flores, but with a new companion (props to Mom and Michelle)!!! My new companion is Hermana Coral! Weirdly enough, she was also my very first companion for three whole hours in the CCM (until they talked to her and realized she was fluent in Spanish)! My companion is from Springville, Utah and has only four months in the mission as well! Due to a fairly helpful background (a father from Mexico) and the fact that Spanish was actually her first language (even though she claims
she forgot it all), she speaks Spanish like a native!

It has been a little crazy with two newbies together in one area, but things are going great! We have decided together that it is time to get rid of all of the old beliefs in this area and to find new ways to teach and testify of Christ! So at the end of last week, we decided to try some new ideas, here are just a couple:
1. We are now going to start to teach English classes every Wednesday!
2. We are going to be giving tours in the chapel every other Saturday!
3. We are going to try and do a lot more street contacts!

All of this is our new and improved game plan! So Saturday, we figured it was time to put our money where our mouths were....street contacts!  The goal: approach people on the streets and try, in less than 30 seconds, to give them a card and testify of the gospel of Jesus
Christ. I am not going to lie to all of you...I was a little afraid, but Hermana Coral and I prayed for strength and with faith we headed out. The results were unexpected, and really quite amazing. In less than an hour, we had talked with fifteen people (including a 10 minute lesson), gotten the addresses of three people (who wanted to know more), and gotten to testify to each and every person! It was amazing, thrilling, and a little bit of a spiritual high! I have a testimony that as we set goals and we try our best to accomplish the Lord´s
will, He will help us!

Fun stories of the week:
-This week was cambios, so we (a group of six different sister missionaries) ended up waiting in a bus terminal until 2 am and returning at 5 am! What happened for the three hours in between you might ask, well, we decided we wanted to sleep, so we went to the apartment of one of the Hermanas close by. That is when the excitement began... I had been running around all day (since Hermana Camacho wanted to visit places and say goodbye to people before she left) and so I was feeling a little bit physically exhausted. So I conk for about an hour, until...BAM! Super intense muscle spasm in my leg, which might have been accompanied by very loud screaming...whoops :)!  I think one of the Hermanas almost had a heart attack! She spent about five minutes straight asking me if I was okay!
-This week Hermana Coral and I got to teach a class in church. Don´t worry we were given lots of notice (maybe a whole five minutes) :)...So I looked at the topic (Charity)...sweet, this going to be easy! It´s all going great (for about five minutes), that is when the floodgates opened! In our class, we had a very sweet little woman, unfortunately she loves to talk! She just started...and didn´t take a single breath! At one point she was tellling a story about falling off a chair (apparently a near death experience)! The whole class almost died with laughter! After about ten minutes we finally managed to regain control of the lesson! It was crazy...

Anyway...that´s all for now!

Hermana McMurray

p.s. We have a progressing investigator named Mairi and she came to church for the first time this week!!! VAMO ARRIBA!!!!!
p.p.s Congrats Ryan and Regan! You guys had better start working on my cardboard cutout for all of the wedding pictures!

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