Monday, August 12, 2013

Flying Solo (for 10 minutes)!

Dear Family,

This week has been one of excitement and intrigue. Have you ever wondered what a missionary really does? We are awake for 16 hours straight. 16 hours of complete productivity...well almost complete! 

So what do missionaries do??? This week has been a week of learning, so I will call it ¨the learning week¨ (anyone catch my book reference?). 

Here´s the low down on my week:

-I knocked on a couple of doors (I stopped counting after 1000)

-We tried to find about 20 less active members in our area (in a game of hide and seek they would win for sure!)

-We met with several, lonely, elderly, members (I love viajitos!!!)

-We had Church, P-Day, Zone Conference, District Meeting, Correlation meeting, a CVC, and Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening).

-We taught mutiple lessons to 2 investigators (we taught Jose about prayer for the 3rd time...)

-My companion lost me....(I should probably talk about this one...) Hermana Camacho and I left our area (with permission, Dad) to get a CD of the Book of Mormon for one of our investigators that cannot really read. While on the omnibus I got shoved to the front, while Hermana Camacho got shoved to the back! So after about 10 minutes, Hermana Camacho yelled over all of the commotion: ¨this is our stop¨. So I headed for one door and she headed for the other. And she got off and I...well I didn´t (although it was not for a lack of trying)! I had a very large woman in front of me who was trying to sit down in one of the seats and move about 20 bags. So I could not reach the button in time! So, while I was on the bus for another 5 minutes, I tried not to think about anything (like the fact that I was in a foreign country, with little knowledge of the area, no map, no telephone, no telephone numbers, interesting Spanish....). After 5 minutes I got off and walked back the direction that I thought the bus had come from...About 3 minutes later I saw my companion, who was headed towards me at a dead sprint. I think that she might have been a tad worried :)! All in all it was quite an exciting experience, one I think I will try and avoid repeating in the future!

-I consumed Coke for the first time in my life! Oh caffeine...little siblings, it was delicious, hahahahaha!

-For my fun food of the week I had ´cafe´! Nope, it is not coffee...or so I am told. It looks like and smells like coffee, but I have been told by multiple members that it is NOT coffee. I am still not sure....(either way it is pretty gross).
So in summary, Missionaries do A LOT!

That is about all for this week!

Love you all lots,
Hermana McMurray

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