Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Salta de la Cama

Dear Familia,

This week has been pretty exciting!!! Funny stories of the week (I have to have a bunch since my last letter was somewhat boring...):

When we first arrived at the mission home, our mission president, President Smith came up with a challenge called "Salta de la Cama". It encompasses the idea that we should leap out of bed in the mornings, so we do not lose a minute of our missions. The competition is between my companion and I. So every morning since I got to Montevideo, I have attempted to leap out of bed (the key word being attempted). Now all you have to do is imagine two people almost completely unconscious attempting to throw all of their blankets off and get to the floor in almost complete darkness....Now Hermana Camacho and I haven't been able to tell who gets to the floor first (it could be because it is dark or perhaps because we are still asleep...) So we came up with what we thought was a brilliant idea, the first person to the light wins! So two mornings ago we both leapt out of bed and booked it for the light...and smacked straight into each other! Ohhh.... No need to worry, I still got to the light first!

This week by different people I have been called a redhead and a blond. People here have darker hair and so they are convinced that I am a blond. It is a little strange...

I also got called gordito (which is basically the equivalent of "little fatty"). It is a very different culture here and people often comment on weight. The good thing was that it was about a photo of me and not me now. Apparently I lost a lot of weight since I came...for the record I think I am exactly the same, it just wasn't a super flattering photo. Oh well I should probably get used to that. When I get home I probably will be a good 200 pounds heavier!

The fun food of the week.....FISH! You all know how much I love fish...I got served a fish...a whole fish...with bones... Let's just say my distaste for fish has only grown! In case you were all wondering, I ate the whole thing....yuck!

Now for the great news of the week: We had an investigator come to church yesterday!!! His name is Jose, he is about 70 and we have already taught him a couple of lessons. We got to teach him the law of chastity this past week, because he has a 33 year old "compaƱera". He is really nice and the lessons are going really well! 

My Spanish gets better every week. I understand a lot, but speaking is still pretty hard! I have been trying to teach more in lessons and it has been going pretty well! 
Padres, I am so jealous of you and your 50th state! When I get back you should take me to Alaska!

Love You All Lots,

Hermana McMurray

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