Monday, August 19, 2013

Manteca de Mani!!!

Dear Familia,

I am not even sure exactly what has happened this week! 
Let´s just start with the most important things. We have three new investigators this week and I have Manteca de Mani!

I, by secret means, have acquired Manteca de Mani. Now for all of those of you who do not speak any Spanish, this is a delightful treat also called Peanut Butter.´s´s´s Costco size (gigantic). I think that I might have died and gone to heaven!!! Every missionary in my zone has turned a slight green color over this amazing acquisition. I received this gift from a sister in our ward. She is a diplomat and so she often gets things through the diplomatic pouch. She told me she can get peanut butter in a week! I didn´t think I would miss peanut butter, but it turns out 18 months is a little too long for me :)!

Now for the investigators. We contacted and found a young man, named Sebastian, who seems very interested in the gospel. We taught him the first lesson in the 8:00 the 2 degrees Celsius...during a mini-rainstorm. Yep, I am pretty sure that he has at least a little interest :)! We also found a mother and son, Maria and Bruno. So far we have only taught them one lesson, but they are very excited about what we taught. 

We have been working hard and praying even harder this week to find people to teach. This week we did not have a single progressing investigator, but we are working with four more people this week, so this upcoming week should be pretty great! Please pray for our investigators and that we can find more people to teach the gospel! I firmly believe that prayers work miracles!

We have a new insignia and motto for our mission! They are the star (from the flag) of Uruguay with the words `Hoy Es El Día`. It is the best motto ever! Now every morning my companion and I salta de la cama (pop out of bed) and the first words from both of our lips are ¨Hoy Es El Día¨. Now this sounds slightly nuts, but I absolutely love it! Hoy es el día to change, to become better missionaries, to work harder, to find more people, to teach more, to learn, to grow...This is a motto for a lifetime.

I would sugggest a baby experiment for all those who are feeling slightly adventurous. For one week: pop out of bed as fast as is humanly possible and say to yourself ´Hoy es el día`.. Say it to yourself all day long and really believe it. I guarentee you will feel very different for this week! 

Anyway....that is about it for this week!

Love You All Lots,
Hermana McMurray

p.s. I got all of your letters! I love receiving mail! 

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