Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Dear Familia,

I don´t have a ton of time today, but I am going to hit the highlights of my week...

My week consisted of:

-It has been super cold, so I have been layering and layering and layering some more...I realized I might have gone a little too far, when Hermana Ventura told me I resembled a bear...Four long sleeved shirts and four jackets isn´t really that much, right?

-Our key got jammed in the door. We tried everything to pull it out, but we can´t. The brother who fixes stuff still hasn´t made an appearance... So now we enter and leave by the roof! I am almost sure that our neighbors think we are crazy...the always see us get on and off the roof!

-I dominated in Spanish! My team won by one point!

-Hermana Ventura accidentally kissed a brother from our ward, on the cheek...She was so embarrassed! I on the other hand was cracking up...It happens to all of us at least once in the mission....

-I rained for three days straight. I was doing great until the third day...I managed to eat it in front of the Police Department! It was a little embarrassing! I ended up being sore and soaked, but it was probably my pride that took the biggest hit.

-We starting talking to a man in the street. All was going well, we talked about the church and we started to talk about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and how on the third day he was resurrected. That was when everything went all weird. This is what the man said: ¨Yes, we know that Jesus was resurrected and on the third day the starships came and took him away. We know that Christ isn´t here because He is in another universe with a group of people like Him.¨ I was a little confused...I have heard lots of theories..but never the one that Jesus was an alien...The things you hear when you talk to all kinds of people in the street :D!

This week I have had lots of opportunities to study Preach My Gospel, Chapter 9. If you guys haven´t read it, read it! It is one of my favorite chapters. It is all about how to find new people to teach. I have been studying this avidly due to the fact that we are opening an area. I have found lots of helpful counsels! It says that the most effective way to find people to teach is through the members. We have been blessed to have wonderful members who are accompanying us and giving lots of references and we are beginning to see miracles! I encourage everyone to give a reference this week to the missionaries!  It will bless your lives, the missionaries lives, and more importantly the lives of your friends!

I love you all lots and am excited to hear what is happening in your lives!
Hermana McMurray

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