Friday, May 9, 2014

Cambios...For Real This Time...

Dear Family,

I have very little I will cut to the chase. The dreaded call for transfers has finally come. I am leaving Rivera and Hermana Ramirez! I am headed for the Zone called Mercedes, in an area called Fray Bentos. I don´t know too much about...I also will be opening an area and serving as the Sister Leader Trainer. I am pretty sad to leave my Hermana Ramirez. After 4 and a half months together, I feel like we are actually sisters! The best news I received is that my new companion is going to be Peruvian too, I love Peruvians!!!!

This week:

-We had a baptism! Nicolas, the autistic son of Maria, was baptized this week. He has been so excited! It only took three tries...(which is a miracle because the water was like ice and he is super big)!

-I didn´t go to Montevideo....our trip got moved to this week!

-I had an old lady tell us during a lesson. That if she feel´s angry, she wants blood to run. Followed by the comment ¨If I then have to kill them, I will feel fine...¨ Needless to say, we tried to get out of that house pretty quick!

-Our Bishop went out visiting with us for four hours this week! We managed to interrupt a crazy birthday party and a family get together.  When we finished the Bishop just laughed...

-We had Family Home Evening...It was a giant BBQ to say goodbye to me.  I didn´t cry, but it was close. Pictures are going to be sent soon! I love Rivera! I cannot imagine leaving it, it feels like my second home, but that is the mission!

This week I learned a ton. I am sad to leave Rivera, but I am learning more and more to be able to accept the will of the Lord. I know that He is preparing people in my new area to hear His gospel! I love you all and I am excited to hear from you guys Sunday!!!

Hermana McMurray

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