Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Dear Familia,

Firstly, thanks for all of the birthday wishes, I appreciate them (even if I feel a little old!) Today we celebrated with homemade pizza (thanks to the Elders) and homemade alfajores (thanks to the Hermanas)! I contributed the cake (they all laughed that I made my own cake, but it turned out super delicious) :D!

This week:
Monday: I slept...I was dead after three days without sleep during Transfers...Hermana Ventura was a little bored.

Tuesday: We went on a trip to Mercedes (about a half an hour away). We had a Zone Meeting. The best part...I got to give a presentation on some of the rules that President Smith is reinforcing...It all went well, until I had to tell everyone that we weren´t allowed to listen to Disney music...I think I almost got stoned!

Wednesday: Hermana Ventura and I are talking with every person who walks by in the street. So, today I started talking to an old man and we were telling him all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we asked if we could pass by some other day and talk with him, this was his response...¨You can pass by in the morning. That is when my wife isn´t home...¨ You guys know face took on a pretty shocked look... and needless to say, we booked it on out of there...Hermana Ventura got a good laugh...

Thursday: We had Ward night! We were in charge. So of course, we decided to play Habla Chancho (which translates to  ¨speak pig¨). It involved hitting someone and yelling speak pig. Then the person responds with their best pig noise and the other person tries to guess who it is. Poor Hermana Ventura has a very distinctive pig noise...As one of the members said...¨I recognize this peruvian pig.¨

Friday: We went to Montevideo for a Zone Conference with Elder and Sister Ceballos. Sister Ceballos talked for the majority of the time (which was the first time I have experienced that...) She cut an apple in the front and said that the lessons we learn from an apple are the same lessons we learn about missionary work. She said we can count how many seeds an apple has, but we cannot count how many apples each seed contains. See if you all understand...I loved this! I was thinking of
the blessing it was that two Elders appeared at the front door of Grandma and Grandpa McMurray. They probably had no idea what they would accomplish with the baptism of only two people. They affected generations  and I will forever be grateful! I know that this is the Lord´s work and that when we invite people to listen we will change not only their lives, but the lives of many generations!

Saturday: My companion yelled ¨Look it´s the Bishop´s wife¨ (on the corner in front of the church building). As we got closer we realized she was completely was a cross dresser...aka it was a man!  Hermana Ventura was mortified!

Sunday: Church..where I have now been nominated as the official ward pianist...I am regretting that I never practiced. Called to Serve isn´t the easiest to play, but at least it came out...sort of! At least I am going to lots of good opportunities to feel humble!

That is my week in review! Don´t forget to share with me what you are all learning in Preach My Gospel (I know I didn´t, but that was due to a lack of time)! I love you all lots!

Hermana McMurray
p.s. all the birthday pictures are going to come next week!

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