Monday, December 9, 2013

Uruguayans Say The Darnest Things!

Dear Familia,
How is life? I love hearing from all of you every week! Here is the week in review:
The best and most important part of my week! We had our baptism of Dayane!!!! She was sooo excited! After she was baptized she had the opportunity to bare her testimony! She said that she was so excited and happy for the chance to be baptized! She said that for the first time in her life she feels complete peace, something she has been lacking! On Sunday after her confirmation, I looked at her and she was glowing! I swear her countenance had already changed to reflect the light of Christ that is now in her life!

We also got to teach a bunch of lessons to Family Valentti. Daniel (father), Luciana (mother), Ingrid (daughter), and Gael (son). Daniel, Luciana, and Ingrid have a baptismal date for the 21st of this months!  They are progressing like crazy! Daniel has created a huge mural on one of their walls of pictures of prophets, Jesus Christ, and other images!ç from the church! They are progressing more and more every week! They pray and read the Book of Mormon every day together! We are so excited to teach them, especially because they are always talking about going to the temple to be sealed for eternity!

The highlights of my week include: We tried to self-fumigate our apartment (which resulted in a mass exodus of cockroaches, spiders, and centipedes from every corner)! We crashed two birthday parties, by accident, on the same day! Hermana Mazzini lost her lenses and now is completely blind! Don´t worry I stopped her before she ran into any walls! I watched a 90 year old man (one of our investigators), with severe stomach pains, mount a bicycle and start biking up the side of a huge mountain!

My favorite quotes of the week:

-During Relief Society (a class of all women in our church) the teacher presented the title of the class, which was Joseph Smith. The class began to talk among themselves for about five minutes all about Joseph Smith. The teacher tried several times to reign the class back in, but was completely unsuccessful! Finally she interrupted one sister and said: ¨It is better to read, than it is to invent things!¨  Hermana Mazzini and I almost died in the back! ¡Baja la caña!

-I was explaining the image of Christ with the lamb (I always seem to have problems with this image...) to a family with five young kids.  The youngest asked me: ¨where is the mommy of the lamb?¨ To which I replied without thinking: ¨She is gone.¨ The little boy then said: ¨its mommy died, its mommy died, the little lamb is all alone.¨ At which point he started crying... Don´t worry he stopped eventually (after being bribed with cake)! Unfortunately my explanation did not
quite have the effect I was hoping for!

-We got invited an old less active lady to church. To which she replied: ¨You guys are people that just talk and never actually do anything. I am all about actions! When I need to come back to church, Jesus Christ himself will bring me back!¨ (Did I mention that she lives on the top of a mountain...just to get to her house is an enormous effort...Don´t worry I kept Hermana Mazzini from killing her!)

-I used my one line of portuguese (which happens to be I speak portuguese) on an old man this week. He responded : ¨You speak much better Portuguese than Spanish¨. After my companion tried her Portuguese, to which he responded ¨hers (me) is much better¨. The good news apparently I have an accent that is great in Portuguese. The bad news...I speak Spanish!

That is about it for my week! La Obra Va Bien! I love serving the Lord!
Hermana McMurray

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