Monday, December 23, 2013

An Eternal Family

Dear Familia,

It has been another great and crazy week in the mission! The highlight of the week is the baptism of Cristina!!! Her husband Nelson is still smoking, so he could not be baptized, but Cristina wanted to be baptized this week anyway! It was a beautiful baptismal service! It has now become somewhat of a tradition for Hermana Mazzini and I to see and film the person as they step out of the font.This week we saw Cristina as she stepped out of the font! She had tears in her eyes as she said ¨I felt a huge pressure on my chest and then it went away!¨
She bore her testimony after and talked about how she felt the Holy Ghost sooo strong and that she literally felt that God had forgiven all of her sins! It is an amazing experience for me to see the change in these people, not only in their mannerisms, but also in their countenances! I can literally see the light of Christ shining in their faces!

In other news...One, Two, Three, Four... That how many people are now living in our apartment! This week the assistants called us and said how do you feel about having a cortoplazo come and live with you? A cortoplazo is a person that isn´t a missionary, but wants to see what the mission is like, to see if they want to serve! The surprise is that we actually got two cortoplazos! Hermana Chineppe is 17 and Hermana Bruno is 18! They both want to serve missions and both are excellent ¨mini-missionaries¨! The part that is a little hard is that I am actually in charge of one and Hermana Mazzini the other! That means that I am out teaching and being the senior scary is that?! It is also interesting because they weren´t trained (MTC) and they know nothing about the mission! The good news is...they both know Spanish :D! So it all has been very fun and a great learning experience!

The funny stories of the week:

-We forgot we only had one set of keys! So Hermana Chineppe and I broke into our apartment through the was surprisingly easy! The good news...We got to eat lunch in our apartment! The bad news....for some reason I feel a little less safe :D!

-We only have two beds in our apartment and four people, so Hermana Mazzini and I slept in the floor! It wasn´t too bad minus the giant cockroaches!!! I prayed that the cockroaches wouldn´t eat my feet during the night...which sounds kind of silly, but I kind of am deathly afraid of them (you would be too, if you could see them..they are around 4 inches long!) This morning, we found a giant cockroach lying dead about two feet from where my feet were during the night! I am pretty sure that the Lord really loves his missionaries! Everyday we see examples of small tender mercies!

The real news that I want to write is about families! I received the news about Grandma McMurray. I  hear that she isn´t doing well and I am feeling pretty sad, but I know that families are forever! I know that God always has a bigger and better plan for us and that He doesn´t leave us alone! I am grateful that my family is sealed in the temple and that I can be with my Grandma again after this life! I want to put the title the same this week as the last! Last week I didn´t know this was going to happen and it almost seems a little cruel because the title An Eternal Family is all over my emails, but I think it is also a tender mercy because it is what I need to remember during this difficult time!  This week this title applies to my family. I love you all and feel grateful for the time that I have had to spend with my Grandma!

I love you and miss you all!
Hermana McMurray

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