Tuesday, December 3, 2013

¡Serpiente en el Baño!

Dear Familia,

Ready for another crazy week....here we go!!!

We are going to have the baptism of Dayane (16 years old) this Saturday)! She is awesome, but it has been a slightly stressful week with her (due to an unexpected new boyfriend)! The good news is she has promised to live the Law of Chastity and she is trying to be careful! Everyday she tells us how much she wants to be baptized! It is truly amazing to see someone who has such strong desires to follow the Lord!  We also have five other people who have baptismal dates for the 21st of this month! One of the investigators is called Nelson! He told us this week that he found work, but that he was going to have to work all of the Sundays for the next while! We were feeling disappointed because it would be very hard for him to progress, without coming to church every week...until BAM our miracle of the week! He told us that he found out he cannot work there because of some rule...Now he can come to church every Sunday!!!! My companion says it is a direct answer to our prayers for him to progress!

So many funny things happened this week, that I will just try to talk about a few of them! My companion says that all of our funny stories come from visiting less active members (which we did a lot of this week)!
-I got told by an old man that I was cold and a spy!  The good news is that it isn´t just me...apparently all North Americans are cold and spies....I am not exactly sure what he meant by the first part, but I am not sure either were compliments ;). Afterwards, he told us he was
a polygamist with 7 wives and 14 children (two with each concubine...duh) and he invited us to come inside his house! My companion and I got out of there sooo fast....
-We had lunch with Elba Cocco! She is an old blind lady who speaks only Portuguese! So we were sitting at the table waiting for lunch (because she didn´t want us in her kitchen), and she comes out! It was probably one of the funny sites I have seen in my entire life! She had
put a electric blue beanie on the very tippy-top of her head, had a huge plate of empanadas in her hand, and an bright floral apron on...The good news is that the food was super good (probably the best empanadas I have ever had). The bad news....I realized we left an old blind lady in the kitchen with a huge pot of hot oil :)!
-We had a lesson with Elba Cocco earlier this week...she is one funny old lady! I was talking about the story of the 99 lambs and the one who was lost. I talked about how Christ always looks for that one! I then proceeded to tell her that she was that one lamb, that the Lord
loved sooo much! Her response: ¨I am a blind lamb without hair¨ I think the symbolism was a little lost on her....
-I was writing in my journal the other night, when I heard high pitched screaming from the bathroom! My companion was having a meltdown...she told me there was a snake in the bathroom! I went to look (obviously armed with the broom) and found...a centipede! It was actually pretty big, but I am pretty sure it isn´t considered a snake in any country! Neither of us wanted to kill it, so we shut the bathroom door and went to sleep! The next morning we couldn´t find it anywhere...I might get a slight kick out of pretending I find it everywhere!

That´s it for the week!

Hermana McMurray

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