Monday, December 16, 2013

An Eternal Family

Hola Familia,

It is the week before Christmas...and the temperatures are in the low 100s! Our neighbors told us that it is supposed to get up to 114 tomorrow (with humidity)! It turns out that the sun is super strong here...something about a thinner atmosphere... Anyway I know that the Lord is blessing me because I actually don´t feel like I am going to die of heatstroke all day long! We spend about 8-10 hours outside wandering the streets and I am pretty sure that I should be burnt to a crisp and pretty much dead with my super white skin, but I actually feel okay! Sometimes miracles from the Lord are small, but significant! I know that this is actually a small miracle for me, so that I can continue to do the Lord´s work!

Sorry I haven´t said anything about Christmas phone calls yet...but I didn´t actually know until today! I forwarded the email to Mom and Michelle, unfortunately it happens to be in Spanish! If you have problems, just ask Ryan to translate it...or Dad can practice his Spanish! I get 45 minutes to Skype with you guys!!! Next week I should be able to tell you a time...

Now to the good stuff:

Well this week has been crazy (like every other week, but actually a little bit more)! Family Valentti was baptized this week! Wait, what?!  Yep, SURPRISE! Daniel, Luciana, and Ingrid were baptized yesterday and confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!  They were actually scheduled to have their baptism on the 21st, but Daniel has to leave to work in Montevideo for the next couple months and he wanted to be baptized with his family! Sunday was the best day of my mission and the baptism was probably one of the most spiritual experiences of my life! They were baptized all together! Afterwards Luciana talked about how she was a new person and how she could feel a warm feeling in her heart (the Holy Ghost)! Daniel bore a powerful testimony that the Church is true and that he will serve in whatever capacity the Lord desires of him! They are a family with strong desires to serve the Lord!!! This last week we taught tithing to them.  I was a little worried about teaching this law to them, because they are really poor, but I really shouldn´t have worried! We taught
tithing and after the lesson, we committed them to live the Law of the Tithe. This was Luciana´s reply: ¨We give 10% to the Lord? That is nothing compared to what God has given us! I will live the Law of Tithing!¨ This describes this family perfectly! They are already planning to go to the temple for Christmas next year!

Funny stories of the week:

-I am still working on my Spanish...aka I accidentally insulted someone this week! She said ¨I´m from Pedrera¨ I then said ¨oh you are from Perrera¨ Whoops...Perrera happens to be a pound, you know...for animals!! She gave me the stink eye...I think she thought I was doing it for a joke! Oh well, every week is a learning experience!

-An investigator told me that prayer was like having WIFI with God (and yes she used the word WIFI)! She told me that her connection has been bad, but she is going to try and have a better more spiritual connection this week! Definitely the first time I have heard prayer likened to WIFI!!!

Well that is all I have time for this week,
Hasta La Vista,
Hermana McMurray

ps. We have the baptism of Cristina this Saturday! Wish us luck!!!

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