Monday, November 17, 2014

Two latinos and One Gringa!

Dear Family,

This week was another great week! We had some big changes in the mission this week (you will have to keep reading if you want to know what they are)!

Hermana Ramirez and I went and visited a new investigator this week, named Blanca! We had just sat down and she offered us a of course we said yes! At that moment, she pulled out a large glass bottle that said Pilsen in big letters!  That was enough to make me freak out!  She left to find some glasses...and we took pictures! Don´t worry, we didn´t drink any alcohol!

Thursday we had a conference with all of the missionaries in Uruguay!  I got to see all of my old companions! Pictures will be included!

Now for the changes...No more soccer!! Soccer has been banned from our mission. They also changed our schedule. Now we will be waking up at 7 am and going to sleep at 11 pm...thanks to the lovely and hot summer temperatures!

Our new motto in the mission is Alargar el Paso! Anyway..I cannot write too much because I have two Latinos on either side of me speaking in Spanish and it is confusing me...I keep writing a line in Spanish and having to erase it!!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! I love the Lord and I feel blessed to be able to serve him!

Hermana McMurray

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