Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Still No Baby Hadley!

Dear Familia,

It is crazy to hear that everyone is getting engaged or married! I am convinced everyone waited to get married until they heard I was leaving for the mission! On the other hand, I am glad that people are finding their eternal companions. Congratulations, Shana and Lindsay!!!!

I forgot to talk about Cambios (or transfers) this last week....probably because they were uneventful. Hermana Ramirez and I are here for another 6 weeks together!!! I am so excited because I love Rivera and I never want to leave! So, I am safe for another 6 weeks! The only thing that wasn´t too fun, was that we were awake all night helping send off, collect, and find the other new hermanas. When we finally got to our apartment at 2 am, we realized we had 4 hermanas and 2 beds. So Hermana Ramirez and I slept on the floor and the other Hermanas slept in the beds. Hermana Ramirez was a little sore from sleeping on the floor...so the next day for her was a little rough...

At our first appointment, she decided to pet the investigators dog...a huge brown monster. The dog decided it wanted a chunk of her hand...Then we left for our next appointments. We have had a ton of rain lately and so we were trying to get down a muddy hill in front of a member´s house. We were trying to be careful (you know, with skirts and all), when Hermana Ramirez completely ate it...at least the whole neighborhood (who were outside enjoying mate) got a good laugh! She wasn´t too happy, but I laughed pretty much all day!! Poor Hermana Ramirez...

This week lots of funny things happened, but I don´t have too much time to write about them, so I will just mention the funniest!

We were teaching an old less active member and her wild 4 year old grandson this week. We started the lesson by singing I am a child of God. While singing, the two started to fight. Angelo (the four year old) had a huge stick and his grandma had a tiny little stick. They were standing opposite of each other screaming and whacking stick against stick...meanwhile we just kept singing (...with parents, kind and dear...). The weirdest background music ever...
I wish sometimes that I had a video camera to record the experiences that I almost cannot believe actually happened!

This week we worked hard!!! Hermana Ramirez and I are working really well together! Our motto is Obedience, the first law of Heaven (thank you parents)!! We are finding, that the more that we are obedient, the more that the Lord is blessing us! I am learning so much and already I feel like a completely different person! The experiences that I have had here have changed my perceptions and my life! I love serving the Lord! It is the best work in the whole world!!

I love you all lots!
Vamos Arriba de Uruguay,
Hermana McMurray

ps. I want to see lots of photos of Baby Hadley, when he arrives!

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