Monday, January 13, 2014

Peter, James, and John!

Dear Familia,

This week has been great! We have had slightly cooler temperatures due to four or five days of rain! I never thought I would love rain so much! One of the little old ladies in our ward, said that the temperatures our 10 degress celsius higher than any other year! She said that it is the hottest year she can remember! I guess I am just lucky that way... Sounds like all of you are having the exact opposite problems. Good luck with the cold!

This week was a great week! We worked a lot with the youth in our area! It is amazing to see the progress that youth can make when they have someone who is looking out for them! The youth of our ward have decided that they are going to go together and visit all of the youth
who have left the church or who aren´t active! It is really nice and a testimony builder for me, that this is the true church! What other church has youth who leave what they are doing to visit and teach other youth?

Highlights of the week:

-We may or may not still be battling with our infestation of cockroaches and other small animals!!! In the space of two days we killed 6 cockroaches, destroyed an anthill that formed while we were gone during the day, and a giant moth- thing (I am pretty sure it had teeth)! I think my favorite part was when I walked into our bedroom...I saw Hermana Ramirez on the floor with the front half of her body under her bed. She had a spray can of insect poison and yelled ¨Hasta La Vista, Baby!¨ I almost died...and the insect actually did!

-An old lady told me that my hair was ugly and that I needed to cut it off!
-We were at the house of a less active sister. She is almost 70, but she takes care of her grandson because her son is deeply involved with drugs. Her grandson is crazy full of energy...he makes Baby Emily look calm! My companion started to say the opening prayer for our lesson and she asked in her prayer to bless this little boy...To which he immediately screamed at the tops of his lungs: ¨No, I don´t want it!¨  So my companion continued her prayer and blessed that he would be calm, to which he immediately screamed : ¨Don´t pray for me!¨ I have to give Hermana Ramirez props for trying :)!

-We now have pets in our apartment...(see the picture below)!

That Is all I have time for today!
Love you all lots,
Hermana McMurray

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