Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I was a calm child compared to Angelo!

Dear Familia,

The first and most important thing....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY (and you're welcome to anyone who happened to forget :D)! I hope that your day is fun and the least stressful possible!

This week has been a different week! We had our interviews with President Smith and a capacitation too! President Smith made some big changes!! He changed our daily schedule to help the work progress! Now we leave early in the morning and do our studies in the afternoon. All of the Uruguayans believe in Siesta (sleeping from 1pm til 4pm), which is great...if you're Uruguayan. Every afternoon we wandered around trying to find the three people who were awake. Now we leave in the mornings and our days are so much more productive! President Smith also told Hermana Ramirez that he wants to keep us together for another change, so it looks like I will be in Rivera for at least another two months!!!!!

In the capacitation given by the APs, they taught us new ways to teach. We know that their counsel is inspired and so my companion and I decided to use it right away, and we have been amazed! We are by no means perfect teachers, but just trying to use what we were taught has brought miracles into our area! This week we have two investigators who have agreed to be baptized in February and others who are progressing more rapidly! La Obra Va Bien!!!

Funny Stories of the week:

-The main goal of the mission right now is to double sacrament meeting attendance. Our original attendance was 50 people....This week we had 130 people in the chapel!!! We may or may not have had another ward from Brasil visit...

-I had a small child almost rip my arm off during the closing prayer during sacrament meeting. I had my pen in my hand and he tried to rip it out of my hands. The problem is that I know that he is a terror and if I let him have my pen, he would probably start to draw on the
pulpit. So I held on for dear life...It was all good until he started making snarling noises and screeching. I tried to push him away, but he came back and bit my arm! I have gained a new appreciation for just how wild things can get during sacrament meeting!

That´s it for the week!
Love you all lots,
Hermana McMurray

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