Thursday, July 4, 2013

An Old Man and His Boat!

Dear Familia,
It has been another week in the CCM. Time is just roaring by, I cannot believe it has already been a month, I already want it to slow down...
The entertaining stories of District Alma for this week include:
In the afternoons we often have a couple of hours of grammar instruction, which is great...except we are all a little tired right after lunch. We had all made it about an hour, but it was clear that our district was slowly slipping into various states of unconsciousness, so our teacher decided to do what a good teacher would do and he had us give sentences that demonstrated what we were learning. He called on a kid named Elder Barton, who unfortunately might have been a little deeper than unconsciousness and maybe somewhere nearer to death...Our teacher said his name about three times, and the elder next to him nudged him and he woke up just in time to hear the word 'Oración'. Next thing we all know, he just shoots rightup and out of his seat, folds his arms, and just looks at all of us. Now for those who do not know, the word oración has two meanings. One meaning is sentence and the other means prayer. We all got a kick out of that one.
The second story happens to be about me. My companion and I were preparing to teach a chastity Spanish. Those lessons are hard enough, but due to my lack of those types of words in Spanish, I was feeling slightly worried about the lesson. So we were going over a bunch of words and planning on who would say what. I looked at our first bullet point and realized I knew all the words in spanish and so I decided I would be the one who taught it to our investigator. Unfortunately what came out was "I know sexual relations". That was all anyone in the class heard...ohhh I should always think before I speak! On a more positive note we taught the lesson to our investigator and we got feedback afterwards. He said it was the best law of chastity lesson he has ever heard! He said he loved that we didn't beat around the bush and that we just explained it flat out. Little did he know, that was due to the fact that we have no idea how to beat around the bush in Spanish :)!
Something crazy happened this week! For three days our district was the only district left at the CCM. That means there were 11 people in the CCM for the last few days...I think that we are probably the only people in the whole church who have been in an MTC with only 11 people. We had complete run of the place and delicious, fresh meals!!! Today is going to be mass chaos! We get 85 new people today, so that we can be back up to our usual numbers!
Saturday was proselitismo again. I was a little afraid because I did not feel like I could understand much last time I went. This week was a miracle! I actually understood pretty much everything everyone said to me! I even understood when some old man told me about his boat and all about how many windows it had!
Well we only had 30 minutes because all of the new people are coming and we are getting kicked off and so I will have to email everyone else next week! Sorry!!
Hermana McMurray

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