Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mmmmmmm, Menudo!

Dear Familia,
It is offficial, my English is starting to go...I hope that Mom is editing all of my letters because I think I have completely lost the ability to spell! Yesterday I looked through all of my study journals and I noticed some of my spellings looked a little strange. So I took a closer look and found that I spelled all of my words halfway between English and Spanish. For example I wrote: Lessiones (lessons or lecciones) and Englais.... So as my emails get progressively worse, Mother please edit them for me!
This week has been great.  I was able to do a session in the temple on Thursday. I heard it all in Spanish and I actually understood most of what was being said, it was an absolute miracle. My Spanish is improving and I have been using it a ton. I often find myself slipping into Spanish when I am praying. I think that is a good sign!
There are lots of fun and strange things that happen in the CCM. Here are a few of the better stories:
Often the meals here are mostly meat with some type of potatoes. I was unaware that potatoes can be turned into so many things, but trust me they have about a hundred uses (fries, balls, chips...). I sat down for lunch one of the days this week. It looked pretty normal, like all of the other meat stews we usually eat and so I sat down and began to eat. After eating for a minute I began to look at the meat...I noticed it was ridged and almost fuzzy looking. So I asked one of the native sisters what it was. She replied that it is a delicious dish called Menudo. So I did the logical thing, I asked what kind of meat it was....that was a mistake....the thought of eating cow's stomach kinda kills your appetite! Oh well, one more story for my children!
In the CCM we do service at the Visitors housing next door once a week. I was wandering the halls, wiping walls, when out of nowhere a lady grabs my arm... She began speaking rapid fire Spanish and pulling me down the hallway. Of course, being yanked down a hallway is never a pleasant experience, but when you have no idea what the person is saying it is about ten times as scary. Finally I just dug my heels in and said "No entiendo. no entiendo". She still talked a million miles an hour, but this time I got a single word...pelo or hair. I eventually figured out that she wanted me to come and do her niece's hair (a Latina in my room had done my hair that morning). I had to try and explain that I didn't do it, but that someone else had. I think she finally got the gist and just walked away. Talk about a mild heart attack.....
This week has been great for teaching. My companion Hermana Dean and I taught a lesson yesterday that we wrote all in English and gave in Spanish. It was all about the nature of God and about having faith. It was a little scary because until yesterday we wrote out every single Spanish word that we were planning on saying. We decided that we would trust in the Lord and that He would help us to remember everything that we needed for the lesson. It went great! We understood most of everything and our investigator Esteban even got a little teary (before that he had been professing to be an atheist). It was a great experience. When you trust in the Lord, He will provide.
This Saturday for the first time since we have been here we get to go and do "proselitismo". That is when they drop companionships off all over Buenos Aires and we go and clap doors and try and get referrals. I am so excited to finally be getting to do what I was set apart to do (inviting others to Christ)! I will fill you in on how that goes next week!
Love you Lots,
Hermana McMurray
p.s. Mom could you mail me some stamps? And could you tell everyone that they can email me if they want or if they mail something to me, that they need to include an address?

p.p.s My teachers are Hermano De Oliveira (who is Cecilio and now Néstor) and Hermano Miroshnikov (who is Esteban). Hermano De Oliveira told me this week that Ryan looks like a photocopy of me, except with a wig on! Hahahha.

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