Sunday, June 30, 2013

Finding Doorbells, One of Life´s Hardest Challenges!

Dear Familia,
(I don't think I remember the English word for that....)
This week was fun and crazy. The highlight of this week was proselitismo! They took us 40 minutes out to a place I think that they called Cordoba.... Then they dropped us companionship at a time...two, white, 20 year old girls...with only a map...and two weeks of the streets of Argentina...and they told us to meet back at the place they dropped us off. Oh buddy... 

We each had an area to proselyte in. So we did the only thing we knew how to do...we started walking...It was a hard, but great experience. We ended up in this chunk of neighborhoods where no one was walking around, so we had to go old school. We knocked on doors, or as they call it here, we "clapped doors." Knocking on doors is rude here and impossible since everyone has fences. So we clapped outside doors and rung the tiny doorbells (that we could find. I swear they hide them and only tell their closest friends where the buttons are. They are all in different places and are about a centimeter across).
We often had little to no idea what people were saying to us, but we got enough. We went around asking people if they wanted to hear a message of joy about Jesus Christ. It went great! We had some great conversations! The best part of proselyting happened in the last 10 minutes. We debated about going and trying to find the meeting spot, but we decided to clap one more door. We clapped and an old man came out. We started to tell him all about the gospel and he seemed genuinely interested. Then his wife came out and she loved us. She said that she knew Mormons and that her brother was starting to take the discussions. She said that she wanted to learn what he was learning and wondering if she could go to church the next day. We gave her the address of the church and the time it started and she seemed really pumped! She confirmed the address and the time about 6 different times and was excited when we told her missionaries who spoke Spanish would come and visit her.
It was a great experience and it testified to me that the Lord expects us to work hard and to be diligent UNTIL THE END and then He will bless us and help us to find those we need to teach! On a similar note, I gave a talk on Sunday all about Spanish!!!! It is so scary to get up and try and talk in Spanish, but I survived!
Highlights of the week:
(our district is together 16 hours a day, every day and so we have all become pretty close. Hence all of the strange stories that are going to start appearing in my emails!)
-Elder Goold was talking about something that was very off topic and so our district leader, Elder Liporada reminded us that we need to stay on task. Elder Goold responded in a very matter of fact voice "I'm going to go to hell". To which another Elder (Elder Huntsman) responded immediately, "I'll save you a seat by the fire". Sometimes I wonder if we spend too much time in that small classroom together... :).
-Hermana Berlin was talking about a baby bird that she found and took care of when she was small. We all asked her if she knew how to take care of a bird. She responded with "no", but she did try and feed it oatmeal! So of course we all asked if she killed it and she responded "no, it just died the next day"! Oh we probably won´t stop teasing her about that one for awhile!
Things are going great here and my Spanish is really starting to come along! I love being a missionary and I cannot wait to be able to share this gospel. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church on the earth and I am grateful to be able to share the joy of it, even if it is only with a few people. I know that they will  be blessed because of it because I have been immensely blessed!
Love You All,
Hermana McMurray

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